Scholarly Community for the Globalization of the “Middle Ages” (SCGMA)

Scholarly Community for the Globalization of the "Middle Ages" (SCGMA)

The Scholarly Community for the Globalization of the “Middle Ages” (SCGMA) Group has been collaborating with SEASR, I-CHASS, the Center for Medieval Studies at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, the Program in Medieval Studies at the University of Texas-Austin, and the Communications Department at the University of California-San Diego since May 2007 to develop a new interdisciplinary scholarly community for globalizing the study of the “Middle Ages”(~500-1500 C.E.) SCGMA has been actively working to create an online infrastructure to support the organization of, and research with, sources in diverse formats and languages available from multiple scholarly disciplines in order to organize large quantities of textual, visual, and aural resources. SCGMA is intended to become a multi-university, multi-nation, disaggregated yet well-coordinated organization spearheading numerous scholarly projects that will challenge the Euro-centrism associated with studying the “Middle Ages.” SCGMA needs to consider adapting existing technologies for its needs and plans to investigate the following: Can a coordinated online resource be developed for students at all levels, from all parts of the globe, already fascinated by aspects of this crucial period but still insufficiently informed about its diversity and range? How can existing databases in many languages and formats, sometimes reflecting different cultural practices, be brought into communication to serve the needs of the developing SCGMA and of students and other interested parties worldwide?