teragridPathways to Humanities Participation in TeraGrid (PHPTG)

I-CHASS is working with TeraGrid to expand its support of humanities research and scholarship. Our Pathways to Humanities Participation in TeraGrid initiative will advance humanities collaborative research and education with high performance computing. PHPTG, through outreach and support, will engage and enable researchers in the humanities to become users of both the TeraGrid and cyberinfrastructure resources and services. PHPTG proposes to systematically deploy, evaluate, and assess the scalability of a set of these strategies, specifically with respect to humanities communities currently underrepresented among TeraGrid users. These pathways are designed to engage new humanities users in using TeraGrid Gateways, domain-specific user-friendly environments tailored to support collaborative research and knowledge discovery. Unimpeded access to TeraGrid will allow humanities researchers and educators to re-conceptualize old problems and generate new research questions with innovative thinking, methods, and solutions and support interdisciplinary humanities academic studies, research, and education.