Immersive Reading – Gettysburg Comes Alive

Immersive Reading - Gettysburg Comes Alive

Augmented Reality allows users to view real-world objects in combination with computer-generated data, augmenting the sight, or other senses of the user, to provide additional information. Focusing on enhancing the prize-winning book The Age of Lincoln by Vernon Burton, Gettysburg Comes Alive will create a reading experience that immerses readers in three-dimensional animated battle scenes. An augmented reality version of The Age of Lincoln, developed by the Associate Director for Human-Computer Interaction, will illustrate the strategic topography of battles with three-dimensional, animated graphics. The methodology developed for Immersive Reading: Gettysburg Comes Alive has tremendous potential for humanities scholars and their students, allowing them to reveal everything from military tactics of troop movement to the influence of natural geographies on the ultimate success or failure of a campaign in an innovative and interactive environment.