I-CHASS Article Provides Roadmap for Technology-Driven Collaborative Scholarship

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In beginning to wrap up its research funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities’ Digging into Data Challenge grant, I-CHASS is pleased to announce the publication of “Digging into data using new collaborative infrastructures supporting humanities-based computer science research,” in First Monday.

The essay, composed by I-CHASS researchers, engineers, and affiliates, outlines the cloud-based collaboratoration tools used by the Authorship Related Questions research group to present the legal, scholarly, and technical dimensions of multi-site collaboratory research:

As interdisciplinary collaborations are becoming more common, aligning the interests of computer scientists and humanities scholars requires the formulation of a collaborative infrastructure for research where the approaches, methodologies, pedagogies, and intellectual innovations merge. While the concept of shared resources in a “cloud” is gaining popularity for office and document–based collaborations, we maintain that constructing a “cloud” of collective resources for use in researching large image archives across multiple disciplines and institutions requires a specific design that accommodates the communicative demands of multi–disciplinary academic research, the intricacies of intellectual property and publication, the needs of software developers working from remote sites, and the difficulties of serving large amounts of data for collective examination. In other words, the model we have developed tightly integrates practices and technologies for data sharing, software sharing, and knowledge sharing/communication.

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