How To Work With I-CHASS

I-CHASS works on a project basis, linking UIUC and other scholars with technical specialists for projects that fulfill our mission. We are a networked organization. We serve as broker among scholars, technical specialists, and funding sources. We are continuously building our networks.

There are several paths that scholars can take to engage with I-CHASS. I-CHASS  stands at the intersection of the digital humanities (computing in the humanities) and computational social sciences (computing in the social sciences). I-CHASS attempts to develop new frontiers in these areas by engaging with “big data,” computational methods of inquiry, data driven discovery, and new models for social sciences and humanistic inquiry. I-CHASS also works to bring technology and the traditional sensibilities of the humanities and the social sciences together in ways that advance both.

A common path by which a scholar begins to work with I-CHASS is by approaching I-CHASS after hearing about a new technology like augmented reality. A social scientist might believe that augmented reality could be useful to her research, but not know how to get started. I-CHASS sets up a meeting between the social scientist and an expert in the technology. The expert could train the social scientist in how to use an existing augmented reality app or, as described earlier, their research interests might overlap and lead to a collaborative research project. I-CHASS might also direct the social scientist to the institute’s upcoming workshop about augmented reality that would provide enough training for the social scientist to pursue augmented reality on her own. Or, the social scientist might be most interested in meeting other scholars around the world to engage in a larger conversation about augmented reality and similar research questions. I-CHASS has an international network of contacts and frequently promotes engaged scholarship that is both educational and a means of bringing people together to get projects started.

The Four CHASS Paths: Proving Resources, Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research, Education and Training Opportunities, Encouraging Engaged Scolarship

Here is an example of how a historian might interact with I-CHASS over the course of a project:

A potential path for a CHASS collaborative project

I-CHASS’ goal is to help researchers obtain the resources, training, contacts, and engaged scholarship that they need to enter into the arena of computational analysis. I-CHASS projects have already made significant and visible social impacts around the world. Scholars from any background who are interested in learning how CHASS could apply to their work are invited to contact I-CHASS.

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