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Alan Craig teaches a class on augmented reality at the PanAmerican Advanced Studies Institute (PASI) on data science hosted by I-CHASS, Universidad de Valle del Guatemala, and ARTCA during July of 2013. Photo by James Juarez

The Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (I-CHASS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign charts new ground in high performance computing and the humanities, arts, and social sciences by creating both learning environments and spaces for digital discovery. I-CHASS presents path-breaking research, computational resources, collaborative tools, and educational programming to showcase the future of the humanities, arts, and social sciences.

With an emphasis on identifying, creating, and adapting computational tools that accelerates research and education, I-CHASS engages visionary scholars from across the globe to demonstrate approaches that interface next-generation interdisciplinary research with high-performance computing. I-CHASS provides these researchers with world-class computational resources, both human and technical, to enhance their knowledge discovery and exploration.


Believing that humanities, arts, and social sciences disciplines are essential to modern life and that advanced computing can improve research and teaching by democratizing access to knowledge and learning, I-CHASS generates a complete scholarly and pedagogical arsenal to positively affect the human condition and experience by serving as an “expert broker.”

We provide resources, both human and computational, to enhance discovery and exploration. We offer humanities, arts, and social sciences scholars access to hardware, computer applications, graphical user interfaces and portals, and educational opportunities to train them to best use these resources. At the most elementary level, we offer simple encouragement and guidance. We show researchers and students with little knowledge of advanced computing how to use new technologies in their work. At a more sophisticated level, I-CHASS brings together and supports scholars who are already familiar with digital humanities, arts, and social sciences. For them, we create new, and adapt existing, applications to make them more accessible to broader communities.

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We aim for an innovative system capable of establishing a paradigm of humanities, arts, and social sciences research that accelerates scholarly and technological development. We do not want to do the same things–while successful–again and again, but instead desire effective innovations that are applicable over a wide array of disciplines. Image processing, virtual worlds, social networks, semantic representations, and other emerging technologies are ripe to be leveraged for humanities, arts, and social science scholarship and research and I-CHASS intends to be at the forefront of these developments.